Bostik Roll-Cote™

High-Performance Moisture-Vapor-Barrier Coating and Primer

Bostik Roll-Cote High-Performance Moisture-Vapor-Barrier Coating and Primer is a water-based, one-component system formulated to reduce substrate moisture-vapor emissions, prime floors prior to the application of underlayments, and block concrete alkalinity. Roll-Cote significantly improves return-to-service speed for flooring installation by combining multiple steps into one product. Roll-Cote is suitable for use in many environments, is compatible with an assortment of flooring types, and can be used on both concrete and wood substrates. No mixing is required, and its easy-to-apply formulation and fast dry time makes Roll-Cote dependable and user-friendly. Roll-Cote is durable and low odor, and the black color provides a great visual indication of coverage during the installation process.

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