Baseworks Thermoset Rubber (Type TS)


A functional preference for the most diverse of floor plans comes to you in our top-flight BaseWorks™ Thermoset Rubber Wall Base that excels in flexibility for pillars, curved or standard installations. Its surface combats fading, cracking and will not shrink or separate from the wall for exceptional longevity and your genuine satisfaction. 

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Endless Possibilities

Unique Profiles.

Choose from 3 different heights.

Baseworks Thermoset Rubber wall base provides durability in high traffic areas while maintaining the flexibility of design. Choose from 3 different heights, a toe or toeless base and a variety of colors to add personality to your space.

Profiles: Baseworks 2 1/2″, Baseworks 4″, Baseworks 6″, Baseworks 2 1/2″ Toeless, Baseworks 4″ Toeless, Baseworks 6″ Toeless

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Largest Selection of Colors

140 Colors.

Match any theme in any space.

With 140 colors to choose from you can match any interior in any setting, from hospitals, nursing homes, to day cares. Get started by selecting a texture and color.

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