Wheeled Traffic Transitions


Johnsonite Wheeled Traffic Transitions are the perfect solution  to effortlessly and effectively transitioning between different flooring materials in a high traffic environment. Regardless if two surfaces differ in thickness, these wheeled traffic transitions create a seamless juncture. These transitions come in five sizes to you to securely and professionally join surfaces together.

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Endless Possibilities

Unique Profiles.

Choose from 15 different profiles.

Wheeled traffic transitions are available in 15 profiles that transition from 0″ up to 1/2″. Easily select the profile you’d like and then select the color you want to match.

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Wide Variety of Colors

36 Colors.

Create a Seamless Transition.

Create an effortless transition between different flooring materials with 36 different colors to choose from. Get started by selecting a texture and color.

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