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Design Advice with Marc Thee

View any of Marc Thee’s design advice videos below and get tips from the expert.

Marc Thee has been named twice by the Architectural Digest as one of the “Top 100 Designers in the World.”

He has also received the “Designer of Distinction Award” from the Design Center of the Americas.

Get started below to get expert tips on designing different spaces in your home and how to pick the right flooring.

Bathroom Design

Start With One Thing You Like

Bathrooms can be categorized in three different ways... your master bath, children's/guest bathroom, and your powder room. Discover advice tips from Marc on how to designs these three different types of bathrooms.

Bedroom Design

Balance a Mix of Styles

Combining matching furniture is a great way to mix and match your existing furniture but also create a nice contrast.

How to Choose a Carpet

Start with Plush

Selecting a carpet flooring can be overwhelming with so many options. Keep it simple and start with looking through the plush options, consider selecting warm colors. The warmer the better.

Dining Makeover

Create a Great Cooking & Eating Space

Discover what features make a great kitchen and learn how to improve the standards of your dining room to match your kitchen after a remodel.

How to Choose Wood

Make Your Home Welcoming

Learn how choose from light, medium, or dark wood flooring for your space as well as the type of wood that won't go out of style anytime soon.

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Interior Design Layout

Start With One Thing You Like

Furnishing a room in one full swoop can be hard, to make it easier pick one sight line and finish from top to bottom.

Great Kitchen Design

Designing a kitchen can be daunting, to get started pick one thing to build off from it to help set the tone. Selecting a backsplash is a great way to kick off your kitchen design.

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Creating a Comfort Look

From neutral colors and solid lines, discover important features that can help make a room fell comfortable.

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Choosing Your Tile

Start with Texture

With so many tile options, it can be hard to know to begin. To make selecting a tile easier, start with the texture.